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Baby William – Houston Newborn Photography

Meet Baby Will! This little guy is super lucky to have two proud and loving parents and a big snuggly pup to watch over him. After a full belly, he definitely started getting used to the camera! Enjoy!WillStoryboard_1WillStoryboard_2_2WillStoryboard_3 WillStoryboard_4 WillStoryboard_5 WillStoryboard_6 WillStoryboard_7_2 WillStoryboard_8 WillStoryboard_9 WillStoryboard_10 WillStoryboard_11WillStoryboard_12_2 WillStoryboard_13 WillStoryboard_14 WillStoryboard_15 WillStoryboard_16 WillStoryboard_17WillStoryboard_18

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