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Dog Sledding

In the past year I was able to cross something off my bucket list TWICE! Dog sledding was such a cool experience that I will never forget! The first time was with Cory’s family in Park City, UT and the second was in Breckenridge, CO with my family. Both experiences were completely different and totally cool in their own way.

In Utah, we walked up to Stillman Ranch to a pretty cool site – so many dogs outside in the yard, chomp in’ at the bit to have their turn running the sled. The dogs were all very friendly and reminded Cory and I of our dog, Chase! We rode two to a sled and were all cozy and warm with many blankets to cover us on our ride. When the dogs felt it was almost time to go, they started barking and yelping like crazy! However, the minute the musher said go, it became silent. The dogs knew exactly what their job was and they performed beautifully, listening to every command! With the exception, of course, of the new pup in training that day. 🙂

The ride was so peaceful as we drove through the snow covered fields – trails the dogs knew very well. Our driver was a sweet younger girl, very friendly. She told us all about her plans to train for the Iditarod, how she came to Utah to help train the dogs and eventually mush, and she even introduced us to each dog by name; Lucy and Linus to name two.

ParkCityStoryboard_1 ParkCityStoryboard_3ParkCityStoryboard_5 ParkCityStoryboard_4ParkCityStoryboard_6

The second experience in Breckenridge, was totally different. Not in the sense that the dogs were any different….They were just as adorable and friendly as the first time around. I am talking about the actual ride being completely different. Instead of us each having to ride in different sleds, Good Times Adventures actually let us drive the sled ourselves!

We started with a little mingling with the dogs, of course. How can you ignore these faces?!? Then our driver went through some driving tips; how to stop, turn, and roll off if you feel your about to tip over. We took turns driving/riding the sled while the others rode ahead in a carriage/snowmobile.

Now I have to say, the sleds don’t go very fast, but just the exhilaration from being able to drive and the fact that there are sled dogs pulling you was enough to make this a pretty awesome experience. Aside from driving, riding in the sled ahead of the dogs was pretty neat too. One, it allowed for some great shots that I didn’t get the first time around. Two, it gave us a chance to take in the beautiful scenery.  Book ending the ride was warm hot chocolate waiting for us in the lodge.

All in all, both were extremely awesome experiences – one not being any better than the other! I am so blessed to have been able to do this twice in one year!

p.s. I wanted to take all of those puppies home with me! I was sure to thank them for their hard work!

BreckenridgeStoryboard_2 BreckenridgeStoryboard_3BreckenridgeStoryboard_4 BreckenridgeStoryboard_6

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