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Houston Newborn Portraits | Penelope

Welcome to Penny’s first photo shoot! Trust me, this will not be the last you see if this little lady! I cannot wait to watch my niece grow up. Only 3 months old and she is already making a splash on the blog! With this many headbands, this girl is already learning what a different an accessory can make to an outfit! 🙂 Quoc is in trouble with this one!

Storyboard_Penny1Storyboard_Penny2 Storyboard_Penny3Storyboard_Penny4 Storyboard_Penny5 Storyboard_Penny6Storyboard_Penny7 Storyboard_Penny8Storyboard_Penny9_2 Storyboard_Penny10 Storyboard_Penny11Storyboard_Penny12 Storyboard_Penny13Storyboard_Penny13_5 Storyboard_Penny14 Storyboard_Penny15 Storyboard_Penny16 Storyboard_Penny17Storyboard_Penny18


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